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The Journal of Physical Therapy Science (JPTS) is the official academic journal of the Society of Physical Therapy Science (SPTS). We publish this journal with several objectives in mind. As a scientific society, SPTS has been organizing academic conferences, and publishing Japanese and English journals for 30 years. SPTS now annually hosts seven academic conferences in Japan and three international conferences overseas, mainly in Southeast Asia. For the development of physical therapy, we must investigate new techniques in physical therapy, as especially in Japan, we have an aging society. Of course, other Asian countries are also facing the aging of their societies, and given these circumstances, the development of physical therapy in Japan and Asia is of great importance. For this reason, the provision of opportunities to present at academic conferences and publish in an English academic journal is important, and we are providing these opportunities through our conferences as well as the publication of our journal.

In Japan and other Asian countries, especially China and Korea, the number of universities with Physical Therapy departments is rapidly increasing. The main reason for this is the necessity of large numbers of physical therapists in these super-aging societies. Consequently, the education of physical therapy teachers has also become a significant issue, and the number of physical therapy graduate schools is also growing rapidly. The publication of manuscripts is required by graduate schools as a prerequisite to the award of academic degrees, and by contributing to this academic advancement, JPTS is fulfilling one of its objectives. It is also a reason why manuscript submissions to, and publication of papers by, JPTS have been increasing, and in order to reflect the differing cirumstances of different countries, we have editorial board members in several Asian countries.
In Japan, there are currently 120,000 physical therapists, and every year an additional 10,000 are graduating. There are 350,000 members of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy, and one-third of its members are Japanese physical therapists. Because of these circumstances, the numbers of teachers of physical therapy and researchers are also rapidly increasing. For physical therapists, clinical practice, education and research are the three essential elements. Because of this much research is being conducted, and manuscript submissions and presentations at academic conferences are rapidly increasing.

Authors from different backgrounds and with different objectives are submitting their manuscripts to JPTS. Some are first-time authors, and JPTS has offered authors not only peer-review but also English proofreading in order to educate them. Given these circumstances, I believe that JPTS is contributing not only to the development of physical therapy in Asia, but is also making a significant contribution to the development of healthcare and welfare in Asia.

Kuniyasu Takahashi, MD, PhD
Editor-in-chief, Journal of Physical Therapy Science


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Kuniyasu Takahashi MD, PhD Visiting Professor University of Human Arts and Sciences

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Michio Takahashi PhD, DVM Professor Emeritus The University of Tokyo
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Yasunori Hunayama College of Law, Niohn University
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Kiyokazu Akasaka PhD Professor Saitama Medical Unviersity
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Mei-Wun Tsai PhD Associate Professor National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan
Richard W Bohannon DPT Professor Cambell University
Anatoly F. Belyaev MD, PhD Professor Pacific State Medical University

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