Meeting Report

The 28th International Meeting of Physical Therapy Science in Korea

   The 28th International Meeting of Physical Therapy Science was held on July 12-14, 2019, at Silla University in Busan City, South Korea. The Chairperson of the Meeting was HaeJung Lee, a professor at Silla University. And the Meeting was held with the International Conference of Korean Institute of Integrative Medicine (KSIM).

   Three special lectures were presented at the Meeting. The Society of Physical Therapy Science (SPTS) prepared two topics, one in Korea and one in Japan, and the other was prepared by the KSIM. The special lecture prepared in Korea by SPTS was titled “Implementation of ICF in Physiotherapy Practice” and was presented by Dr. JuMin Song of Silla University. The special lecture prepared in Japan by SPTS was “Exercise Therapy ‘SOUTAI Methods’ developed in Japan”, and it included a demonstration of practical skills introduced by Dr. Hiroshi Nobori. SOUTAI Methods is a therapy developed by Dr. Keizo Hashimoto, who was a medical doctor in around 1920. The KSIM prepared a lecture titled “Integrated Functional Training,” and it was presented by Dr. SangJun Choi, who is a medical doctor.

   There were 109 research presentations: 8 oral presentations and 36 and 65 poster presentations from SPTS and the KSIM, respectively. There were presenters from three countries: Korea, Japan, and China. As for the types of presenters, medical professionals such as doctors, physical therapists, nurses, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and dental hygienists participated, and discussions were carried out with a wide-ranging views from a wide variety of perspectives.

   A campus tour of a university in Korea was held focusing on the Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Dental Hygiene Departments at Kyungnam College of Information & Technology. Participants from Japan and China participated in the university campus tour.

   At the closing ceremony, an educational lecture on research ethics of researchers was given by Director WonSik Bae of the KSIM. The next international meeting in Korea will be held at Eulji University in 2020.

HeonSoo Han

Department of Physical Therapy

International University of Health and Welfare,Japan