Meeting Report

The 23rd International Meeting of Physical Therapy Science in Myanmar

The 23rd International Meeting of Physical Therapy Science was held on August 5, 2017 at Panda Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar.

We visited Yangon general hospital and National rehabilitation hospital on the day before the meeting. The attractive buildings and rehabilitation of amputation patients were impressive.

Many students and healthcare professionals from Yangon and other areas of Myanmar attended the meeting. The opening remarks were presented by the Chairman of the Meeting, Dr. Thaingi Hlaing. She stressed the importance of exchanging knowledge about rehabilitation methods and academic research between Japan and Myanmar for mutual benefit.

Two special lectures were presented by Dr. Myo Thuzar Khin from Myanmar and Dr. Nodoka Machida from Japan respectively. Their titles were “Physiotherapy Education in Myanmar”and“Past Disasters in Myanmar and Rehabilitation Support for Victims”. We were able to understand the history, program and characteristics of physical therapy education in Myanmar. Myanmar and Japan are countries in which earthquakes have occurred. There was also active discussion about disaster support.

Interesting oral presentations were made by 3 presenters from Myanmar and 2 presenters from Japan. Ten poster presentations were also presented by 5 healthcare professionals from Myanmar and 5 faculty members from Hiroshima International University, Ryoutokuji University and the International University of Health and Welfare.

In his closing remarks, Dr. Hitoshi Maruyama, the president of the Society of Physical Therapy Science talked about the success of the meeting and the future development of physical therapy in both countries.

Yohei Sawaya

Graduate school

International University of Health and Welfare.