Meeting Report

The 22nd International Meeting of Physical Therapy Science in Korea

The 22nd International Meeting of Physical Therapy Science in Korea was held on July 15, 2017 at the Eulji University, Seongnam, Korea.

In the opening address, the chairperson, Dr. MyungChul Kim, stressed the importance of the necessity of expanding the role of physical therapy in Japan and South Korea for Successful Aging Health, the theme of the meeting.

Special lectures and oral presentations were held in the morning and poster presentations were held in the afternoon. The meeting ended with a declaration.

Many Korean university faculty members, clinicians, and graduate and undergraduate students participated. Twenty physical therapists, one occupational therapist and two editors from Japan also attended the meeting.

Two special lectures were presented from both Japan and Korea. Dr. Hitoshi Maruyama, President of the Society of Physical Therapy Science, gave a lecture on Motor Functions of the Elderly, in which he talked about the changes of motor function of the elderly and the problems of an aging society. Dr. Takeshi Seki gave a lecture on biomechanics titled Mathematical Formula Reading, Relationship between joint moment and body weight: Recommended Standard Body Weight for Health. From Korea, Dr. Yu WonJong gave a lecture on The Role of Korea Physical Therapist of Health 100-year-old. The last special lecture was delivered by the president of CM General Hospital, Dr. SangHoon Lhee, who is also a medical doctor. The title of his lecture was Shoulder Symptoms and Function in Geriatric Patients.

During the poster presentation many participants wore a T-shirt specially made to commemorate this meeting, which was well-received. At the end of the meeting a declaration was made pledging all participants to collaborate to be physical therapists, who help promote the health and longevity of the citizens of both Japan and Korea.

This seminar was supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the National Research Foundation of Korea under the Japan-Korea Basic Scientific Cooperation Program. We express our gratitude for this support, which contributed to a fruitful and successful meeting.

The next meeting in Korea will be held at Konyang University.

HeonSoo Han

Department of Physical Therapy

International University of Health and Welfare, Japan