Meeting Report

The 19th International Meeting of Physical Therapy Science in Korea

The 19th International Meeting of Physical Therapy Science was held on July 16, 2016 at the Northwest Business Support Center, Silla University, Pusan, Korea.

In the opening remarks by Dr. Han Dong Wook, the chair of the meeting, and Dr. Hitoshi Maruyama, the President of the Society of Physical Therapy Science, introduced the meeting's keynote “a co-existing society,” a concept which resonated strongly amongst the international audience.

Special lectures were delivered from both Korea and Japan. Dr. Lee Byoung Kwon of Konyang University, Korea delivered a lecture titled Recent research trends for sarcopenia—Focused on physical therapy, and Dr. Miyoko Watanabe of the International University of Health and Welfare, Japan, delivered a lecture titled Effect of upper limb support on postural control and gait.

Oral presentations were delivered by practicing physical therapists, teachers and graduate students from Korea, China and Japan. The poster presentations were facilitated by three chairs from the three countries. Presenters gave two-minute presentations in front of the posters, and after the presentations, active discussions were held in the Q&A sessions.

Present at the meeting were attendees from Korea, Japan and China, and there were 16 attendees from Japan. The meeting ended in great success. The next international meeting to be held in Korea will be at Eulji University.

Han Heonsoo

International University of Health and Welfare, Japan

Department of Physical Therapy