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Journal of Physical Therapy Science Vol. 29, No. 5, 2017


Original Article

Effects of short-term plyometric training on physical fitness parameters in female futsal athletes

Vinícius Fonseca Neves da Silva, Samuel da Silva Aguiar, Caio Victor Sousa, Rafael da Costa Sotero, José Morais Souto Filho, Iransé Oliveira, Márcio Rabelo Mota, Herbert Gustavo Simões, Marcelo Magalhães Sales p.783-788

Application of massage for ankle joint flexibility and balance

Jeonguk Park, Jemyung Shim, Sungjoong Kim, Seung Namgung, Inyoung Ku, Munmi Cho, Hyotaek Lee,, Hyolyun Roh p.789-792

The effects of forearm support and shoulder posture on upper trapezius and anterior deltoid activity

Josiane Sotrate Gonçalves, Cristiane Shinohara Moriguchi, Karina Sachiko Takekawa, Helenice Jane Cote Gil Coury, Tatiana de Oliveira Sato p.793-798

Functional evaluation of breath: spirometry and body plethysmography comparison in people with cystic fibrosis

Jorge Hugo Villafañe, Camilo Corbellini, Elena Balestri, Stefania Dall’Ara, Federica Bazzocchi, Lucia Bertozzi p.799-800

Neural manual vs. robotic assisted mobilization to improve motion and reduce pain hypersensitivity in hand osteoarthritis: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Jorge Hugo Villafañe, Kristin Valdes, Grace Imperio, Alberto Borboni, Raquel Cantero-Téllez, Silvia Galeri, Stefano Negrini p.801-806

Short-term and long-term effects of a self-managed physical activity program using a pedometer for chronic respiratory disease: a randomized controlled trial

Daigo Kato, Kunio Dobashi, Makoto Fueki, Shinichi Tomioka, Hidenori Yamada, Naoto Fueki p.807-812

The effect of balance taping for prevention of menstrual pain in female middle school students

Keun-Sang Yum, Sung-Goo Kang, Hyun-Jin Han p.813-818

Impact of wearing a functional foot orthotic on the ankle joint angle of frontal surface of young adults with flatfoot

KyoChul Seo, SeungHwan Park, KwangYong Park p.819-821

The association between the maximum step length test and the walking efficiency in children with cerebral palsy

Minoru Kimoto, Kyoji Okada, Hitoshi Sakamoto, Takanori Kondou p.822-827

Frequency analysis of the center of pressure in tandem stance in community-dwelling elderly

Makoto Suzuki, Hiroyuki Fujisawa, Hiroto Suzuki, Shingo Kawakami, Kenichi Murakami, Chie Miki p.828-831

Biomechanical analysis of INFINITY rehabilitation method for treatment of low back pain

Matej Daniel, Michaela Tomanová, Jana Hornová, Iva Novotná, Lenka Lhotská p.832-838

Effects of phase proprioceptive training on balance in patients with chronic stroke

Seung Hun Chae, You Lim Kim, Suk Min Lee p.839-844

The effects of open and closed kinetic chain exercises on the static and dynamic balance of the ankle joints in young healthy women

Mi-Kyoung Kim, Kyung-Tae Yoo p.845-850

Analysis of the muscular activities of the tibialis anterior and gastrocnemius muscles in functional reach

Se-Won Yoon p.851-853

Exercising daily living activities in robot-mediated therapy

Orsolya Peter, Ibolya Tavaszi, Andras Toth, Gabor Fazekas p.854-858

Dry cupping for plantar fasciitis: a randomized controlled trial

Weiqing Ge, Chelsea Leson, Corey Vukovic p.859-862

Validity of using multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis to measure skeletal muscle mass in preschool children

Kanako Fujii, Akiko Ishizaki, Ayano Ogawa, Takuya Asami, Hyosong Kwon, Akinobu Tanaka, Noboru Sekiya, Shouji Hironaka p.863-868

Comparison of muscular fatigue and tone of neck according to craniocervical flexion exercise and suboccipital relaxation in cervicogenic headache patients

Dae Jung Yang, Da Haeng Kang p.869-873

Intra-rater and inter-rater reliability of the portable gait rhythmogram in post-stroke patients

Ryuji Miyata, Shuji Matsumoto, Seiji Miura, Kentaro Kawamura, Tomohiro Uema, Kodai Miyara, Ayana Niibo, Tadashi Ogura, Megumi Shimodozono p.874-879

Interrelationship among the health-related and subjective quality of life, daily life activities, instrumental activities of daily living of community-dwelling elderly females in orthopedic outpatients

Seiichi Takemasa, Ryoma Nakagoshi, Masayuki Uesugi, Yuri Inoue, Makoto Gotou, Susumu Naruse, Yoshihumi Nanba p.880-883

The effect of Ai Chi aquatic therapy on individuals with knee osteoarthritis: a pilot study

Billy C.L. So, Iris S.Y. Kong, Roy K.L. Lee, Ryan W.F. Man, William H.K. Tse, Adalade K.W. Fong, William W.N. Tsang p.884-890

Comparison among pain, depression, and quality of life in cases with failed back surgery syndrome and non-specific chronic back pain

Nilay Sahin, Ali Yavuz Karahan, Gul Devrimsel, Ilknur Albayrak Gezer p.891-895

Effect of platelet concentration on clinical improvement in treatment of early stage-knee osteoarthritis with platelet-rich plasma concentrations

Bahar Dernek, Fatma Nur Kesiktas, Tahir Mutlu Duymus, Tugba Aydin, Nilgun Isiksacan, Demirhan Diracoglu, Cihan Aksoy p.896-901

Comparison between stair-climbing test and six-minute walk test after lung resection using video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery lobectomy

Yohei Kubori, Ryosuke Matsuki, Akira Hotta, Tomoyuki Morisawa, Akira Tamaki p.902-904

Immediate effects of quick trunk movement exercise on sit-to-stand movement in children with spastic cerebral palsy: a pilot study

Abbas Abdolrahmani, Hiroyuki Sakita, Ryo Yonetsu, Akira Iwata p.905-909

Weight control behaviors among Koreans

Kim Sang Dol p.910-913

Predictive validity of the functional independence and difficulty scale in community-dwelling Japanese older adults

Takashi Saito, Nobuko Matsui, Shuichiro Watanabe p.914-920

Effects of the cervical flexion angle during smartphone use on muscle fatigue and pain in the cervical erector spinae and upper trapezius in normal adults in their 20s

Sangyong Lee, Yoon-Hee Choi, Janggon Kim p.921-923

Comparison therapeutic efficacy of underwater and overground walking training on the healthy subjects balancing ability

Si-A Lee, Myoung-Kwon Kim p.924-926

The effectiveness of short-term high-intensity exercise on ventilatory function, in adults with a high risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Omar Farouk Helal, Mansour Abdullah Alshehri, Mohamed Salaheldien Alayat, Hammad Alhasan, Abdullah Tobaigy p.927-930

Static balance according to hip joint angle of unsupported leg during one-leg standing

Ju-Hyung Cha, Jang-Joon Kim, Jae-Gwan Ye, Seul-Ji Lee, Jeong-Mi Hong, Hyun-Kyu Choi, Ho-Suk Choi, Won-Seob Shin p.931-935

Review Article

Effectiveness of massage therapy for shoulder pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Young-Ran Yeun p.936-940

Case Study

Effect of prolonged racing on muscle activity and spatiotemporal variables: double-poling technique

Kitae Kim, Siddhartha Bikram Panday, In-sik Shin, Jin-hae Kim, Hye-young Kim, Gwang-jae Yu p.941-945

Application of extracorporeal shockwaves in the treatment of scoliosis: a case report

Hans-Rudolf Weiss p.946-949

Effects of daily living occupational therapy and resistance exercise on the activities of daily living and muscular fitness in Guillain-Barré syndrome: a case study

Kwang-Jun Ko, Gi-Chul Ha, Seol-Jung Kang p.950-953

Improved functional independence measure facilitates return to home after paralyzed upper-limb training: a case report

Kuniaki Nagai, Fumiaki Yamaguchi p.954-958

Original Article

The effects of Pilates exercise on cardiopulmonary function in the chronic stroke patients: a randomized controlled trials

Hee Sung Lim, Sukhoon Yoon p.959-963