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Journal of Physical Therapy Science Vol. 29, No. 12, 2017


Original Article

The effectiveness of raising the heel height of shoes to reduce heel pain in patients with calcaneal spurs

Dwi Basuki Wibowo, Rudiansyah Harahap, Achmad Widodo, Gunawan Dwi Hary 2068-2074

Difference in tongue strength using visual feedback in healthy adults

Ji-Hoon Kim, Jae-Wan Choi, Sang-Hoon Lee, Young-Seok Cho Pages 2075-2076

Upper extremity resistance exercise with elastic bands for respiratory function in children with cerebral palsy

Seung-Oh Shin, Nan-Soo Kim 2077-2080

Effects of concentric contraction of the wrists and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation cycle on pain and muscle strength in lateralepicondylitis patients

Yeong-Deok Choi, Myung-Joon Kim, Jung-Ho Lee 2081-2084

Effect of mirror therapy and electrical stimulation on upper extremity function in stroke with hemiplegic patient: a pilot study

Young-Rim Paik, Jeong-Hoon Lee, Doo-Ho Lee, Hee-Su Park, Dong-Hwan Oh 2085-2086

The effect of ball exercise on the balance ability of young adults

Wonjong Yu, Seongsoo Cha, Samki Seo 2087-2089

Effect of various wheelchair handle grip directions on muscle activities of upper body of assistant during movement on ascending and descending ramps

Sang-Yeol Lee, Su-Kyoung Lee, Su-Hong Ahn 2090-2093

Hypervigilance to pain affects activities of daily living: an examination using the Japanese version of the pain vigilance awareness questionnaire

Hayato Shigetoh 2094-2096

The effect of balance exercises and computerized cognitive training on psychomotor performance in elderly

Morteza Taheri, Khadijeh Irandoust 2097-2099

Difference between tablet methods and paper questionnaire methods of conducting a survey with community-dwelling elderly

Yasuaki Kusumoto, Yoshihiro Kita, Satomi Kusaka, Yoshinori Hiyama, Jun 2100-2102

Effects of virtual reality intervention on upper limb motor function and activity of daily living in patients with lesions in different regions of the brain

Sang-Mi Jung, Won-Ho Choi 2103-2106

Electromyographic evaluation of a low-level laser protocol for the treatment of temporomandibular disorder: a randomized, controlled, blind trial

Camila Haddad Leal de Godoy, Lara Jansiski Motta, Eugenio Jose Garcia 2107-2111

Efficacy of exercise on pelvic pain and posture associated with endometriosis: within subject design

Eman Awad, Hamada Ahmed Hamada Ahmed, Amal Yousef, Rami Abbas 2112-2115

Relationship of white matter lesions and severity of pushing behavior after stroke

Yuji Fujino, Kazu Amimoto, Satoshi Sugimoto, Kazuhiro Fukata, Masahide 2116-2120

Effect of lumbar stabilization exercise on disc herniation index, sacral angle, and functional improvement in patients with lumbar disc herniation

Dae-Keun Jeong, Hyun-Ho Choi, Jeong-il Kang, Hyun Choi 2121-2125

Exercise intervention implemented by trained volunteers improves health-related quality of life among Japanese community-dwelling older females: an intervention study

Kazumi Izutsu, Kazuhiko Arima, Yasuyo Abe, Takuhiro Okabe, Yoshihito T 2126-2132

Immediate effects of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation on six-minute walking test, Borg scale questionnaire and hemodynamic responses in patients with chronic heart failure

Majid Ashraf Ganguie, Behrouz Attarbashi Moghadam, Nastaran Ghotbi, Az 2133-2137

Immediate effect of transcranial direct current stimulation combined with functional electrical stimulation on activity of the tibialis anterior muscle and balance of individuals with hemiparesis stemming from a stroke

Aline Marina Alves Fruhauf, Fabiano Politti, Simone Dal Corso, Gláucio 2138-2146

Does trampoline or hard surface jumping influence lower extremity alignment?

Kiyokazu Akasaka, Akihiro Tamura, Aoi Katsuta, Ayako Sagawa, Takahiro 2147-2150

Characteristics associated with freezing of gait in actual daily living in Parkinson’s disease

Mitsuaki Ishii, Kohei Okuyama 2151-2156

The effect of a VR exercise program on falls and depression in the elderly with mild depression in the local community

Jong-Eun Yang, Tac-Young Lee, Jin-Kyung Kim 2157-2159

Gender differences in joint torque focused on hip internal and external rotation during a change in direction while walking

Wataru Yamazaki, Yoshitsugu Tanino 2160-2164

Case Study

Effects of interactive metronome training on timing, attention, working memory, and processing speed in children with ADHD: a case study of two children

Yun-Yi Park, Yu-Jin Choi 2165-2167

Original Article

Analysis of prejudices and attitudes of students in the department of physical therapy against people with disabilities

Yung Keun Park, Je Ho Kim 2168-2171

Effects of gait training on sand on improving the walking ability of patients with chronic stroke: a randomized controlled trial

Tae-ho Kim, Byoung-ha Hwang 2172-2175

The correlation between diaphragm thickness, diaphragmatic excursion, and pulmonary function in patients with chronic stroke

Ju-hyeon Jung, Nan-soo Kim 2176-2179

The effect of fluidotherapy on hand dexterity and activities of daily living in patients with edema on stroke

Sang Woo Han, Mi-Sun Lee 2180-2183

The effect of group exercise program on the self-efficacy and activities of daily living in adults with cerebral palsy

Byeong-Jo Kim, Soo-Min Kim, Hae-Yeon Kwon 2184-2189

Influence of the ultrasound transducer tilt on muscle thickness and echo intensity of the rectus femoris muscle of healthy subjects

Hiroshi Ishida, Tadanobu Suehiro, Keita Suzuki, Tsuyoshi Yoneda, Susum 2190-2193

Physical performance of elderly adults in association with thigh tissue composition: a cross-sectional study

Ibrahim Altubasi 2194-2198

Comparison of efficiency of elastic and non-elastic taping on induced quadriceps fatigue by knee extension exercise

Hyun-jun Jung, Ju-young Lee, Jin-kyeong Hwang, Bo-ram Choi 2199-2200

Effect of aquatic versus land based exercise programs on physical performance in severely burned patients: a randomized controlled trial

Ibrahim M. Zoheiry, Haidy N. Ashem, Hamada Ahmed Hamada Ahmed, Rami Ab 2201-2205

Relationship between psychophysiological factors and prognosis for activities of daily living in patients with stroke in a recovery rehabilitation unit: a preliminary study

Shogo Kawada, Ryohei Goto 2206-2209

Changes in gluteal pressure and center of force during sitting in children with cerebral palsy

Do Hyun Kim, Won-Gyu Yoo, Ji-Hye Do 2210-2211

The immediate effect of FES and TENS on gait parameters in patients after stroke

Shin-Jun Park, Joong-San Wang 2212-2214

Assessing the adjustability of grasping force using the iWakka in elderly individuals

Tatsuya Kaneno, Akihiro Sato, Kazunori Akizuki, Arisa Yamaguchi, Kiyos 2215-2219

Effect of the trunk forward bending angle in sitting position on slow vital capacity

Juncheol Lee, Dongwook Han 2220-2223

Review Article

Normative reference values for the two-minute walk test derived by meta-analysis

Richard W Bohannon 2224-2227

Cognitive behavioural therapy and pain coping skills training for osteoarthritis knee pain management: a systematic review

Ayah Ismail, Catherine Moore, Natasha Alshishani, Khalid Yaseen, Manso 2228-2235