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Journal of Physical Therapy Science Vol. 29, No. 3, 2017


Original Article

A study on the physical fitness of children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Hyo-Jeong Kwon, You Lim Kim, Hyun Soo Lee, Suk Min Lee p.378-383

Effect of belly dancing on urinary incontinence-related muscles and vaginal pressure in middle-aged women

So-Young An, Seung-Suk Kim, Gunsoo Han p.384-386

The effects of horse-riding simulator exercise on balance in elderly with knee osteoarthritis

Seung-Kyu Kim, Gak HwangBo p.387-389

Effects on sitting pressure distribution during the application of different cushions and anterior height wedges

Eun-ji Go, Sang-Heon Lee p.390-393

Affective temperament profile in ankylosing spondylitis patients using TEMPS-A

Tulay Yildirim, Dilek Solmaz, Murat Emul, Gurkan Akgol, Dilek Yalvac, Yuksel Ersoy p.394-400

Cognitive basis about risk level classifications for the self-assessment of older drivers

Seong Youl Choi, Jae Shin Lee p.401-404

Effect of a modified grip angle of a walker on the wrist deviation angle, muscle activation and palmar load during walker-assisted gait in elderly people

Sang-Yeol Lee, Seon-Chill Kim, Young-Ik Lee p.405-408

Changes in T2-weighted MRI of supinator muscle, pronator teres muscle, and extensor indicis muscle with manual muscle testing

Kazuya Yoshida, Sumikazu Akiyama, Masayoshi Takamori, Hiroshi Otsuka, Yoshiteru Seo p.409-412

Evaluation of the relationship between the static measurement of transverse arch flexibility of the forefoot and gait parameters in healthy subjects

Takashi Kondo, Takeshi Muneta, Tsutomu Fukui p.413-418

“Slow walking with turns” increases quadriceps and erector spinae muscle activity

Mayumi Araki, Yoichi Hatamoto, Yasuki Higaki, Hiroaki Tanaka p.419-424

Relation between change in exercise capacity and change in blood amino acids in patients with chronic heart failure

Nobuo Morotomi, Masakazu Saitoh, Noriko Ishii, Kayoko Ohno, Masatoshi Nagayama, Nobuyuki Kawate, Masazumi Mizuma p.425-431

Instantaneous changes in respiratory function induced by passive pelvic suspension in the supine position in relation to increased diaphragm excursion

Tatsuya Ishizuka, Naoya Nishida, Yuuki Homma, Tetsuro Hirayama, Yukisato Ishida, Fujiyasu Kakizaki, Masato Konishi p.432-437

Effects of wearing functional foot orthotic on pelvic angle among college students in their 20s with flatfoot

KwangYong Park p.438-441

Examination of center of pressure displacement and muscle activity of the hip girdle muscles on lateral movement in the sitting position, focusing on kinematic features before and after the start of exercise

Kouji Ikeda, Kenji Suehiro, Akito Kizu, Hideki Kunieda, Hirokazu Takasaki, Toshiaki Suzuki p.442-447

Factors inducing falling in schizophrenia patients

Yoko Tsuji, Yoshiteru Akezaki, Kohei Mori, Yoshimi Yuri, Hitomi Katsumura, Tomihiro Hara, Yuki Usui, Yoritaka Fujino, Takuo Nomura, Fumio Hirao p.448-451

The effects of posterior talar glide with dorsiflexion of the ankle on mobility, muscle strength and balance in stroke patients: a randomised controlled trial

Jin Lee, Ju-O Kim, Byoung-Hee Lee p.452-456

Activities of daily living and manual hand dexterity in persons with idiopathic parkinson disease

Yoo-Im Choi, Chiang-Soon Song, Byung-Yoon Chun p.457-460

Associations of knee muscle force, bone malalignment, and knee-joint laxity with osteoarthritis in elderly people

Kazumasa Nakagawa, Misako Maeda p.461-464

The effects of inspiratory diaphragm breathing exercise and expiratory pursed-lip breathing exercise on chronic stroke patients’ respiratory muscle activation

KyoChul Seo, Park Seung Hwan, KwangYong Park p.465-469

Factors influencing executive function by physical activity level among young adults: a near-infrared spectroscopy study

Kensuke Matsuda, Shou Ikeda, Tsubasa Mitsutake, Masami Nakahara, Yoshiharu Nagai, Takuro Ikeda, Etsuo Horikawa p.470-475

Comparison of anterior gluteus medius fiber activation during general exercises and PNF exercises

Sung-kwang Ju, Won-gyu Yoo p.476-477

Effects of a standard transfer exercise program on transfer quality and activities of daily living for transfer-dependent spinal cord injury patients

Ji-Sung You, You Lim Kim, Suk Min Lee p.478-483

Functional electrical stimulation to the abdominal wall muscles synchronized with the expiratory flow does not induce muscle fatigue

Yukako Okuno, Ryoichi Takahashi, Yoko Sewa, Hirotaka Ohse, Shigeyuki Imura, Kazuhide Tomita p.484-486

Rate of oral intake and effects of mechanical insufflation-exsufflation on pulmonary complications in patients with duchenne muscular dystrophy

Toshihiko Miura, Akiyoshi Takami, Misato Makino, Akira Ishikawa, Yuka Ishikawa p.487-490

Effects of manual lymph drainage for abdomen on the brain activity of subjects with psychological stress

Jung-Myo Shim, Young-Ran Yeun, Hye-Young Kim, Sung-Joong Kim p.491-494

The effects of upper extremity task training with symmetric abdominal muscle contraction on trunk stability and balance in chronic stroke patients

Je-hyeok Lee, Jong-duk Choi p.495-497

Fatigue influences lower extremity angular velocities during a single-leg drop vertical jump

Akihiro Tamura, Kiyokazu Akasaka, Takahiro Otsudo, Junya Shiozawa, Yuka Toda, Kaori Yamada p.498-504

Effect of transcranial direct current stimulation of stroke patients on depression and quality of life

Tae-Gyu An, Soo-Han Kim, Ko-Un Kim p.505-507

The effects of preceding exercise on myocardial damage in rats

Seung Hee Hyun, Young Mi Kim, Su Jin Park p.508-510

Effects of friction massage of the popliteal fossa on blood flow velocity of the popliteal vein

Koji Iwamoto, Masafumi Mizukami, Yasutsugu Asakawa, Yusuke Endo, Yuichi Takata, Kenichi Yoshikawa, Masaharu Yoshio p.511-514

Maximal respiratory pressure in healthy Japanese children

Miki Tagami, Yukako Okuno, Tadamitsu Matsuda, Kenta Kawamura, Ryosuke Shoji, Kazuhide Tomita p.515-518

The study of elbow injury in male adult kendo players

Shinya Kishi, Munehito Yoshida p.519-522

The effects of action observation training and mirror therapy on gait and balance in stroke patients

Ho Jeong Lee, Young Mi Kim, Dong Kyu Lee p.523-526

The effects of exercise training using transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on breathing in patients with chronic stroke patients

Dong-jin Lee, Yeon-seop Lee, Hyun-jin Kim, Tae-hwa Seo p.527-530

Effect of maitland mobilization in cervical and thoracic spine and therapeutic exercise on functional impairment in individuals with chronic neck pain

Keun-Su Lee, Joon-Hee Lee p.531-535

The effects of extracorporeal shock wave therapy on the pain and function of patients with degenerative knee arthritis

Ji-Hyun Lee, Sangyong Lee, SeokJoo Choi, Yoon-Hee Choi, Kwansub Lee p.536-538

The effects of pelvic diagonal movements and resistance on the lumbar multifidus

Ji-Yeon Lee, Dong-Yeop Lee, Ji-Heon Hong, Jae-Ho Yu, Jin Seop Kim p.539-542

A comparison of outcomes of asymmetry in infants with congenital muscular torticollis according to age upon starting treatment

KyeongSoo Lee, EunJung Chung, Byoung-Hee Lee p.543-547

Review Article

The Canadian occupational performance measure for patients with stroke: a systematic review

Shang-Yu Yang, Chung-Ying Lin, Ya-Chen Lee, Jer-Hao Chang p.548-555

Case Study

Effects of electrical stimulation combined with dysphagia therapy in elderly individual with oropharyngeal dysphagia: a case study

Doo-Ho Lee, Ji-Su Park, Seung-Woong Lee, Jong-Bae Choi p.556-557

Disordered voluntary cough as freezing phenomenon in parkinsonism

Mitsuaki Ishii, Hideaki Mashimo p.558-562