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Journal of Physical Therapy Science Vol. 30, No. 2, 2018


Original Article

Detection of early symptoms of cumulative trauma disorders among mothers of handicapped children: a pilot study

Gulsah Kinali, Ferda Dokuztuğ Üçsular 196-200

The relationship between age of onset and risk factors including family history and life style in Korean population with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Jin-Won Noh, Jin Hee Jung, Jeong Eun Park, Jung Hwa Lee, Kang Hee Sim, Jumin Park, Min Hee Kim, Ki-Bong Yoo 201-206

Immediate effects of a single session of robot-assisted gait training using Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) for cerebral palsy

Mayumi Matsuda, Yuki Mataki, Hirotaka Mutsuzaki, Kenichi Yoshikawa, Kazushi Takahashi, Keiko Enomoto, Kumiko Sano, Masafumi Mizukami, Kazuhide Tomita, Haruka Ohguro, Nobuaki iwasaki 207-212

Effect of mirror use on lower extremity muscle strength of patients with chronic stroke

Myoung-Kwon Kim, Yu-Won Choe, Young-Jun Shin, Cheng Peng, Eun-Hong Choi 213-215

Factors affecting the extent of utilization of physiotherapy services by physicians in Saudi Arabia

Mansour Abdullah Alshehri, Hammad Alhasan, Mohamed Alayat, Moayad Al-subahi, Khalid Yaseen, Ayah Ismail, Abdullah Tobaigy, Obaid Almalki, Abdulfattah Alqahtani, Basmah Falla 216-222

Correlation of upper limb joint load with simultaneous throwing mechanics including acceleration parameters in amateur baseball pitchers

Yoichi Kaizu, Hideomi Watanabe, Takehiko Yamaji 223-230

The effect of aroma stimulation during isotonic exercise on the rating of perceived exertion and blood fatigue factors of athletes with patellofemoral pain syndrome

Sangsoo Kim, JongHoo Choo, Sungbum Ju 231-233

Association between knee extensor strength and pulmonary function in the female elderly

Jaeseok Lee, Dongwook Han 234-237

Oxygen cost of thoracic and diaphragmatic breathing during hyperventilation in healthy males

Nobuhisa Ishii, Kazuhide Tomita, Shinsuke Suetake, Yukako Okuno, Kenta Kawamura, Reiko Takeshima, Hirotaka Ohse, Shigeyuki Imura 238-241

The effects of upper and lower limb position on symmetry of vertical ground reaction force during sit-to-stand in chronic stroke subjects

Jae Hong Lee, Dong Ki Min, Han Seong Choe, Jin Hwan Lee, So Hong Shin 242-247

Effects of elastic band exercises on physical ability and muscular topography of elderly females

Jung Won Lee, Suk Bum Kim, Seong Wook Kim 248-251

Comparison of postural sway depending on balance pad type

DongGeon Lee, HaNa Kim, HyunJi An, JiEun Jang, SoungKyun Hong, SunHye Jung, Kyeongbong Lee, Myong-Ryol Choi, Kyung-Hee Lee, GyuChang Lee 252-257

What are patients with Rett syndrome interested in?

Daisuke Hirano, Takamichi Taniguchi 258-261

Immediate effects of exercise intervention on cancer-related fatigue

Ryutaro Matsugaki, Toru Akebi, Hideo Shitama, Futoshi Wada, Satoru Saeki 262-265

Case Study

Cervical extension traction as part of a multimodal rehabilitation program relieves whiplash-associated disorders in a patient having failed previous chiropractic treatment: a CBP® case report

Miles O. Fortner, Paul A. Oakley, Deed E. Harrison 266-270

Anterior head translation following cervical fusion—a probable cause of post-surgical pain and impairment: a CBP® case report

Deed E. Harrison, Paul A. Oakley, Joseph W. Betz 271-276