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Journal of Physical Therapy Science Vol. 29, No. 10, 2017


Original Article

Elderly-customized hatha yoga effects on the vascular inflammation factors of elderly women

Sangsoo Kim, Sungbum Ju p.1708-1711

The relationship between physical capacity and fear avoidance beliefs in patients with chronic low back pain

Juhwan Lee, Shinjun Park p.1712-1714

Effects of lower extremity injuries on aerobic exercise capacity, anaerobic power, and knee isokinetic muscular function in high school soccer players

Kwang-Jun Ko, Gi-Chul Ha, Dong-Woo Kim, Seol-Jung Kang p.1715-1719

Comparison of the effects of visual feedback training and unstable surface training on static and dynamic balance in patients with stroke

Hyuck-soon Hwang, Jin-hong Kim, Bo-ram Choi p.1720-1722

Effect of axial shoulder external rotation exercise in side-lying using visual feedback on shoulder external rotators

Dong Hyun Kim, Tae Ho Kim p.1723-1725

Reliability of the test of gross motor development second edition (TGMD-2) for Kindergarten children in Myanmar

Thanda Aye, Khin Saw Oo, Myo Thuzar Khin, Tsugumi Kuramoto-Ahuja, Hitoshi Maruyama p.1726-1731

Relationship between gross motor function and the function, activity and participation components of the International Classification of Functioning in children with spastic cerebral palsy

Byoung-Hee Lee p.1732-1736

Change in hand dexterity and habitual gait speed reflects cognitive decline over time in healthy older adults: a longitudinal study

Takumi Abe, Yuki Soma, Naruki Kitano, Takashi Jindo, Ayane Sato, Kenji Tsunoda, Taishi Tsuji, Tomohiro Okura p.1737-1741

High-intensity laser therapy versus pulsed electromagnetic field in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea

Ali Abd El-Monsif Thabet, Ahmed Mohamed Elsodany, Kadrya H Battecha, Mansour Abdullah Alshehri, Bassem Refaat p.1742-1748

Responses of Korean physical therapy students after practice with a virtual anatomical system in Japan

Heonsoo Han, Jun Kosaka, Seung-Chul Chon, Masafumi Itokazu, Akira Kubo p.1749-1752

Does treadmill walking with near-infrared light applied to the abdominal area reduce local adiposity and body weight?

Sungwoon Kim, Yujin Kim, Gyusung Lee, Jingu Kim p.1753-1756

The effects of short-term lumbar stability cross taping on muscle strength of trunk extension and lumbar pain level in patients with chronic back

Sungbum Ju p.1757-1759

Knee position sense: does the time interval at the target angle affect position accuracy?

Shmuel Springer, Dor Kelman, Moshe Brand, Uri Gottlieb p.1760-1765

Test-retest reliability of linear and nonlinear measures of postural stability during visual deprivation in healthy subjects

Masoud Ghofrani, Golamreza Olyaei, Saeed Talebian, Hossein Bagheri, Kazem Malmir p.1766-1771

Gross motor skill development of 5-year-old Kindergarten children in Myanmar

Thanda Aye, Khin Saw Oo, Myo Thuzar Khin, Tsugumi Kuramoto-Ahuja, Hitoshi Maruyama p.1772-1778

A new model of skeletal muscle atrophy induced by immobilization using a hook-and-loop fastener in mice

Masahiro Aihara, Noboru Hirose, Wakana Katsuta, Fumiaki Saito, Hitoshi Maruyama, Hiroki Hagiwara p.1779-1783

The relationship between the physical cost index and knee extensor strength in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy

Kenji Takaki, Yasuaki Kusumoto p.1784-1787

Proprioceptive change impairs balance control in older patients with low back pain

Tadashi Ito, Yoshihito Sakai, Kazunori Yamazaki, Kazuma Igarashi, Noritaka Sato, Kiyoko Yokoyama, Yoshifumi Morita p.1788-1792

Kinematic analysis of head, trunk, and pelvic motion during mirror therapy for stroke patients

Jinmin Kim, Jaehoon Yi, Chang-Ho Song p.1793-1799

The effects of task-oriented training on hand dexterity and strength in children with spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy: a preliminary study

Jong-Hoon Moon, Jin-Hwa Jung, Suk-Chan Hahm, Hwi-young Cho p.1800-1802

Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program impact on prognostic markers in selected patients with resting and exercise-induced ventilatory inefficiency: a clinical trial

Sherin Hassan M. Mehani, Heba Ahmed A. Abdeen p.1803-1810

The effects of three types of piriform muscle stretching on muscle thickness and the medial rotation angle of the coxal articulation

Jun Chul Park, Jae Hun Shim, Sin Ho Chung p.1811-1814

Effects of bedside self-exercise on oropharyngeal swallowing function in stroke patients with dysphagia: a pilot study

Young-Seok Cho, Dong-Hwan Oh, Young-Rim Paik, Jeong-Hoon Lee, Ji-Su Park p.1815-1816

Effects of jaw opening exercise on aspiration in stroke patients with dysphagia: a pilot study

Dong-Hwan Oh, Jung-Hee Won, Young-A Kim, Won-Jin Kim p.1817-1818

Effects of mental practice combined with electromyogram-triggered electrical stimulation for upper extremity function in stroke patients

Ji-Su Park, Jong-Bae Choi, Duk-Hyun An, Moon-Young Chang p.1819-1820

The relationship between non-affected forelimb exercise and recovery after focal cerebral ischemia in acute phase

Sang-Su Na, Seung-Kyu Kim, Nam-Jin Jung, Gak Hwangbo p.1821-1823

Changes in rounded shoulder posture and forward head posture according to exercise methods

Do Youn Lee, Chan Woo Nam, Youn Bum Sung, Kyoung Kim, Hae Yong Lee p.1824-1827

Differences in maximal strength and endurance of the tongue according to region in healthy adults

Dong-Hwan Oh, Ji-Su Park, Won-Jin Kim p.1828-1829

Influence of pilates training on the quality of life of chronic stroke patients

Seok-Min Yun, Sang-Kyoon Park, Hee Sung Lim p.1830-1835

Effects of cervical stretching and cranio-cervical flexion exercises on cervical muscle characteristics and posture of patients with cervicogenic headache

Seung Kyu Park, Dae Jung Yang, Je Ho Kim, Da Hang Kang, Sam Heon Park, Jong Hyuk Yoon p.1836-1840

An analysis on muscle tone and stiffness of posterior cervical region during sling and plinth on static prone position

Joong-San Wang p.1841-1843

The influence of the vibration form roller exercise on the pains in the muscles around the hip joint and the joint performance

Sang-wan Han, Yeon-seop Lee, Dong-jin Lee p.1844-1847

Easy assessment tool for motor imagery ability in elementary scool students

Tsubasa Kawasaki, Tadamitsu Matsuda p.1848-1851

The effect of knee flexion angles and ground conditions on the muscle activation of the lower extremity in the squat position

Dongwook Han, Subin Nam, Jihun Song, Wongeun Lee, Taewook Kang p.1852-1855

No significant correlation between the intensity of static stretching and subject’s perception of pain

Wootaek Lim, Hyunju Park p.1856-1859

Does transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) simultaneously combined with local heat and cold applications enhance pain relief compared with TENS alone in patients with knee osteoarthritis?

Takaya Maeda, Hideki Yoshida, Tomoyuki Sasaki, Atsushi Oda p.1860-1864

Intrarater reliability of measuring the patella position by ultrasonography in weight-bearing condition

Chia Lin Chen, Chu Ling Lo, Kai Chu Huang, Chen Fu Huang p.1865-1868

Reliability and validity of angle measurements using radiograph and smartphone applications: experimental research on protractor

Takenori Awatani, Taisuke Enoki, Ikuhiro Morikita p.1869-1873

Effects of single and dual tasks during walking on spatiotemporal gait parameters of community-dwelling older

Kyeongjin Lee p.1874-1877

Case Study

Dual task training effects on balance and hand functions of stroke patients

JuHyung Park p.1878-1880

Effects of 4 weeks of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization training on balance and gait performance in an adolescent with spastic hemiparetic cerebral palsy

Do-Hyun Kim, Duk-Hyun An, Won-Gyu Yoo p.1881-1882


Retraction: Intra-rater and inter-rater reliability of the portable gait rhythmogram in post-stroke patients

Released: October 21, 2017 p.r1-